Akashganga Constructional Machines Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturer, Supplier of Cone Crusher

 Cone Crusher

Akashganga constructional Machines pvt Ltd possesses the modern facility devoted to the design and manufacturing crushing machines such as Jaw crushers, Cone crushers, VSI crushers, sand making machine, and screening and conveying machines. Our company’s most valuable assets resides in the talents of skilled professionals who staff different departments of the company.

Design Engineering, application engineering, field services, manufacturing processes, Inventory control, finance, marketing, research and development all departments work together to manufacture and provide equipment that will perform to best of your satisfaction and application. Our full factory supports throughout the operational life of all machines supplied by us.

For the evolution of customer’s need in crushing of stones and minerals, our technical staff is always ready to help and guide and to give the most economical solution. We believe any one will be impressed with the experience, the proficiency and the helpful attitude of our staff with in our company.

In crushing, the useful work is that expended to reduce the material to required size. There are number of theories have been expressed to define the relation between the power required and size reduction. In general the work done is directly proportional to the new increased surface area of the crushed particles.

In any case, reduction ratio is not the only criteria which can be used for power requirements. Nearly all crushing processes differ from one another in one or other aspect. The power wasted in wearing of the parts, frictional losses of all moving parts of the crushing machine, heat generated are also required to be taken in consideration.

Our technical staff and design and research engineers have developed most efficient machines so that power requirement is reduced. The reduction in wearing of the parts is the main factor which reduces the power requirement. Each and every part of our crushing machines is made from a very special material hence reduction in power charges. At the same time reduction in wear cost makes our machines very efficient.

The crushing in Cone crusher is compression crushing. The mental and the cone of our cone crushers are made using high level metallurgy and special alloy steel. The wear life of these parts is very long hence the power wasted in wearing of the part is also saved. All moving parts of the Cone crusher are well and efficiently lubricated hence frictional losses are reduced.
The drive mechanism in cone crusher is mainly consists of bevel gear and bevel pinion. The tooth profile of spiral bevel gear and pinion is very accurately designed and precision machined on very special machine made for the purpose. The bigger size of bevel gear increases the strength of crushing.

A special dust extraction system gives dust free crushed product. With close circuit crushing we can control the top size by screening and oversized material to feed end. Akashganga Cone crushers are based on first class design technology and product development. As a result, our cone crushers are having outstanding features, which make our cone crushers to operate efficiently. The main shaft is of over size and is made of special alloy steel having high fatigue life. The floating design of shaft ensures reliability. The hydraulic system with nitrogen accumulator makes size setting very easy and ensures protection against tramp iron. This system also helps the operators to find the right crusher settings quickly and easily. This also gives less human surveillance during crushing operation.

Crusher size setting by hydraulic adjustment is safe and fast and can be performed under crushing load. Our cone crushers can be dismantled from top for changing the wear parts and linings. The pressurized air sealing system keeps the lub oil cleaner and results in longer filter change intervals.

The efficient lub oil cooling system by heat exchanger keeps the crusher cool by extracting heat, generated in operation.